Hello and welcome to the sixteenth day of Blogmas! I can’t quite believe how quickly the time is going and that in just over a week Christmas day will be here. I’m lucky that my mum is a sucker for Christmas too and so we always put our decorations up at the earliest opportunity. In my house there has always been the rule that the countdown to Christmas begins after my brother’s birthday which is the 28th November, and this year our decorations literally went up on the 1st December. After finally finding my camera after the losing it post graduation, I thought today’s post would be a little insight into our family tree and what is on it.

Now if you remember last year’s Blogmas (or read this blog in genera), you’ll know that my family are Disney mad! My grandparents are Disney Vacation Club members and when we aren’t in Walt Disney World we love to extend the magic into our homes with all the Disney decorations and Christmas is no different!

Our Christmas tree has always had a Disney theme along with a few nostalgic family ornaments that have been passed down or made by my brother and I when we were younger. I wonder how many characters you can spot.


Each year we also welcome a few new additions to our festive fantasy. This year’s newbies include all the Frozen characters along with Mrs Potts and Lady and the Tramp.


Jiminy Cricket is my mum’s favourite character so he always takes pride of place around the house and on the tree. Tinkerbell is usually our fairy on top of the tree but she almost fell and smashed last year so we opted for a classic gold star or 2019.


This is personal opinion and absolutely no disrespect to anyone but personally I am glad that my mum and I share the opinion that tinsel is quite tacky on Christmas trees and so I love the combination of ribbon and stars etc.


Every year I think to myself that when the Christmas tree is up everything just feels so much more cosy and magical – I wish it could stay up all year long.


What is on your Christmas tree?

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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