Secret Santa is one of my faves parts of Christmas. I love organising it with different friendship groups and think it is a really nice way to celebrate that doesn’t cost the Earth as everyone gets a present, but you only have to buy one. So, I thought that I would do a post with some inspiration in case anyone is struggling to buy their secret santa a gift this year.

I’ve got two secret santas that I am part of this year, one with my uni lot and one with my masters gals that are coming up this week. For the masters one we decided to go with a theme to make buying easier and decided on ‘gifts that start with the letter of your secret santas name.’ Now this probably seems really random but it is honestly really fun and adds a bit of challenge to the gift buying as you need to meet the theme but also get a gift that they will actually like.

Here are a few other ideas for themes to spice your Secret Santa up a bit;

  • Gifts under £5
  • The most nostalgic gift you can find
  • Home made gifts only
  • The most random gift you can find
  • £1 price limit
  • Edible gifts only
  • Gifts that are the person’s favourite colour
  • Gifts must be wrapped in an item that isn’t traditional wrapping paper
  • Charity shop gifts only
  • Gifts that will make them cry challenge
  • Christmas novelty gifts only
  • Christmas jumper gifts

I’ll write a separate post about how my secret santas go, but hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration for next year or help you out if you are stuck for current gift ideas!

Happy Blogmas,

Meg xo

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