Hello again! So firstly, let’s address how blogmas well and truly died a death. I finished work and then went to London for the weekend (blog post pending) and time just ran away from me to create blogmas content. If I’m honest, I was also struggling a little bit before Christmas and was finding it hard to summon motivation for anything let alone writing posts. However, now that my favourite day of the year has been and gone, I am excited to document it to look back and remember the best Christmas ever!

When I say that this has been the best Christmas ever, I really mean it. It was so nice to be properly settled and living back at home to celebrate with all my family. I always say it, but it really is true – Christmas is not about the presents it’s about spending time with your loved ones and the magic. However, I have well and truly been spoilt by everyone this year and I still haven’t quite come to terms with it. I’ll do a separate blog post about what I got and gave for Christmas when everything has properly sunk in!

So my Christmas day is a little bit hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Having divorced parents since I was 4 means that I go around literally all of my family on Christmas day to make sure I see everyone even if it is just for a few hours.

The first thing we do is get up and open our stockings in bed with our mum in her room. Usually I am up at the crack of dawn but I am proud to say as a fully fledged adult, I managed to wait until 8:15am before waking everyone up for the day – my brother was not happy at all but soon came round. This year I decided to put together a stocking for my mum as she always sits and watches us open ours with nothing in return. She was thrilled and it was so nice to open everything together.

We then headed downstairs to see if Santa had been and as per usual he didn’t disappoint! We opened presents together and had a cosy morning just the three of us. It was weird it being light outside for a change – my brother even asked for us to shut the curtains as we are used to it being dark when we open presents.

We then headed over to my nan and grandad’s which is just across the road to see them with my brother as he eats Christmas dinner with my dad. We exchanged some more gifts here and listened to my grandad be his usually silly self by opening the presents so carefully so he could wrap his presents next year in the same paper. You have to love Clive the Eco Warrior. My aunty, uncle and cousins also popped over whilst we were there so it was nice to see them quickly before heading to my Dad’s for a few hours.

We got to my dad’s at around 11:00am ready for Christmas morning number two! Now it’s no secret that my dad always goes overboard for Christmas and this year was probably the most extravagant by far. He buys presents all year long (which drives by nan insane) so by the time December hits there are more presents that floor space. Every year we tell him that we don’t need so many presents but there is honestly no telling him so in the end you have to just roll with it and be so grateful for what your receive.

At some point across the morning every. single. member of my dad’s side pop into my nan’s little house so it is absolute chaos for everyone. It’s loud, hectic and I absolutely love it! After we have gotten through the never ending pile of pressies, I sit down for a piece of chocolate log and glass of prossecco for ‘breakfast’ (a must). After chilling and taking some pictures with everyone it’s time to head back to my nan’s for Christmas dinner.

I know everyone says it, but my nan really does do the best Christmas dinner ever! The full works and we all rolled our way back to living room afterwards to sleepily watch Mary Poppins Returns on the TV together and Clive’s one man show of the 12 days of Christmas.

Mum and I then headed back to our house for an hour before Alex arrives to open his presents from my family and we watched the Strictly Christmas special with my mum. We also popped over to see my nanna and grandad on my way back as they love to see Alex and vice versa.

The final part of Christmas was a little different this year, as for the first time ever Alex and I spent actually Christmas evening together! I went to his house for the evening and stayed over night. Originally this was so we could get up early together for ‘second Christmas’ on boxing day where we would open our presents from each other. However, neither of us could wait as we were too excited so we ended up opening them with his parents and grandma at his  house. My next blog will be about the presents but for now I will just say there were lots of tears and Alex truly out did himself!

The rest of Christmas was spent drinking and chilling with Alex’s family and of course watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special which was incredible and, without spooling too much, that ending has us SHOOK!

Honestly the best, busy Christmas ever and one I will remember forever.

I hope you all had the best Christmas too.

Meg xo


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