If you read my Christmas 2019 blog then you’ll know that this Christmas has honestly been the best ever and I cannot stress that enough. To quote Mary Poppins it was ‘practically perfect in any way.’ Aside from spending time with all of my family, my favourite part about Christmas is giving gifts that I know people are going to love.

Gifts I Gave 

This year I thought I would share a few of the gifts that I gave to people as well as what I received. Here are a selection as if I went through everyone I would be here all day.


This year I got my mum a stocking and I really took the time to get her things that I thought she would love. Here is what I ended up with.

For her main present, Alex, Dafyd (my brother) and I got together to buy her three tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tours in London. My mum is the biggest Potterhead going and has been obsessed with the books and films for as long as I can remember! I’ve wanted to take her for a while but this year was the first I could really afford it.

To tell her, I wrote a Hogwart’s acceptance letter explaining that her original letter got lost in the post but she was now invited to come and look at the facilities. This is how it turned out.

She was thrilled and I am really glad we were finally able to spoil her the way she deserves.


Since my dad had a stroke, it is more difficult to buy for him as you want to get something that he is able to use and love. As he gets quite cold and is forever sitting under blankets, I got him an official Welsh Rugby Union fleece blanket which he loved. I also got him a set of world beers with one beer for each country to try. As he couldn’t come to my graduation ceremony, I also paid to have my official graduation pictures shipped and blown up in engraved frames for him and my nanny.


Alex was the biggy this year as I have been harbouring a secret for a very long time – we are going to Walt Disney World, Florida AND a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas in September 2020! I’m going to write a separate blog post all about the reveal and how I told him/details of the trip but that was his main present from me and I am SO glad that he finally knows. It’s been 5 years since we’ve been to Florida or on holiday and after the absolute shit show that was the beginning of 2019 it is the least he deserves.

Before this holiday was booked in August 2019, I had started buying him pressies so he also had gifts to open. This worked out well as he had no idea until the last minute that the Florida surprise was coming! Here’s a look at the gifts I got for him other than the holiday.

Gifts I Received 

Before I start, I cannot stress how thankful I am for all of the gifts I received. I have been beyond spoilt and it still hasn’t really sunk in. As always, I am not sharing this to show off  or brag, I just genuinely want to be able to look back and remember this Christmas in years to come.


First up was my stocking, which as always is the perfect mix of treats and necessities. Here’s a look at what I got.

Then we headed downstairs for the presents under the tree. I am thrilled that my main present is a ticket to see The Phantom of the Opera when it is on tour in Cardiff next December. It’s going to be a family trip with my nanna, grandad, mum and Alex and I can’t wait! I also got so many other amazing gifts – an electric toothbrush (which I have wanted for ages), cosy slippers, makeup brushes, a bottle of Cava, a lovely new scarf, some burberry perfume to name a few!


As I mentioned in my last post, my dad always goes overboard for Christmas and this one literally went further than ever. I am so shocked and grateful.

Here are the presents that I got from him;

My main presents (if you can even call them that among everything else), was a pair of Dr Marten and a Michael Kors watch. I have been saving and wanting a pair of DMs for years and years and I cannot believe he got me a pair. The pair I got are white with a really subtle glitter coating them (the pics really don’t do them justice). I was really worried they wouldn’t fi the as I have really strange shaped feet but he had read reviews and got me one size up and they are perfect!

I also told my dad about all the shows I love watching – particularly Grey’s Anatomy which is not available on any online streaming site anymore. I was thrilled to receive so many TV box sets including all 14 released seasons of Greys! I know how I will be spending the rest of my week off! I also received Once, Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl Box Sets.

Other gifts from Dad include rose gold beats headphones, a limited edition Disney coin collection, some Pink Gin and a Whitley Neil gin glass along with a Disney Traditions figure, Disney collectors Marie mug, a Ted Baker purse and phone case among lots of other amazing gifts.


Alex has been going on about the gifts he got me for months and I was so excited to finally get to open them. Each tag on my presents was a rhyme relating the colours of the rainbow which is such a creative, Alex thing to do. Here’s a look at everything he got me (minus an amazing Christmas dressing gown with a REINDEER HOOD which I left at his house).

There were so many amazing and thoughtful gifts here. If you can’t already tell ‘orange’ was for all the yummy treats including my fave popping candy chocolate orange pieces. One of my fave presents was this Thomas Kinked Disney Diary. It is no secret that I adore Disney and I could not function without my diary to keep track of my hectic life – there is one painting per week of the year and I love it! Other gifts include a grow your own chilli set (he said if I can take care of a plant he might get me a pet one day haha), a bottle of Whitely Neil Pink Grapefruit Gin and FRIENDS monopoly.

Then when I was already made up with my gifts he gave me my Christmas card…which had FRICKIN HAMILTON TICKETS INSIDE! Yes I screamed, yes I cried all the tears. I have wanted to see Hamilton for so, so long but the tickets are so expensive that I never thought it would happen but this amazing man came through and go them for me. He also got us amazing seats in the stalls and got us a hotel so we can stay the night as this will be my first evening evening West End show. He told me he wanted to make sure I got  the full experience and so it had to be the evening. I honestly can’t believe it and it is so soon too! This was the last present I opened on Christmas day and was a phenomenal way to see out what was already the best day ever.

I am feeling so grateful and blessed and overwhelmed with all of these gifts. I hope everyone had a great day with their families and are as happy as I am. Future Meg, remember this feeling as it is bloody brilliant as are the people in your life.

Meg xo


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