It still feels so weird that we are in 2020! I don’t know about you, but it always takes me a while to get used to the new year date and am forever writing the wrong year down. Having said that, I am so glad that 2019 is over and the first month of 2020 has been very kind to me. As lots happened, I thought I would pop everything into a little life update post. This will probably be a lengthy one – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My 22nd Birthday

On the 20th January I turned 22 years old! Not gonna lie I was a bit apprehensive about it as for some reason I have this need/drive to achieve as much as I can whilst I am young. I can’t really explain it, but I just feel like I need to make the most out of all my years so the thought of turning 22 was a bit daunting.

I think it also had something to do with how different this birthday would be compared to my recent ones. I feel like 22 is the first ‘adult’ birthday where, let’s be honest, no one really cares anymore. Don’t get me wrong my family still got me cards and wished me a good day but I feel like when you’re an adult birthdays just aren’t what they used to be. It doesn’t help that my birthday falls the month after Christmas where everyone’s mood is low and their bank balance even lower. I also just really wanted to see my friends and that wasn’t possible.

I was in work 7:30am until 5pm on the big day but I love my job and my colleagues so this was chill. I then opened some cards at home before going for a curry with Alex. It was a nice day but nothing to write home about this year. I have been super lucky recently so I guess I was due a more chilled one.

New Job

As you will know, I currently work for West Mercia Women’s Aid whilst completing my masters degree and other bits – I’m a gal who likes to keep busy! However, the funding for my current role in the organisation expires in March, so I needed to be proactive in securing employment for the rest of the year. I was honest with WMWA about this from the start and actually ended up interviewing for a new position here along with one for a branch of Welsh Women’s Aid closer to home.

I was thrilled to be offered both of the positions I interviewed for but this also meant I had a big decision to make. Did I stay where I was or move somewhere new? There were pros and cons to both but ultimately I am settled in Hereford and love where I work so much. The new project I got was also something I didn’t feel I could just turn down as the work is very important to me and an opportunity that doesn’t come around every day.

The role I now hold is Soteria Project Co-Ordinator for Herefordshire which, until March 31st, I am combining with my current role until it expires so am pretty much working full-time now alongside everything else. I’m not going to say too much about my work on this blog as I have said before, but basically I am going to be engaging with local criminal justice agencies to improve outcomes for women in the criminal justice system who are also the victims of domestic abuse. I’ll also provide training and professional advice to probation officers and others in the criminal justice system, with the priority being to ensure that the inter-relationship between domestic abuse and offending is understood and appreciated by those who write reports, assess for sentencing, support through custody and prepare for release. I’ll also provide individual and group support to women who are trapped in the system, ensuring that they are able to access all of the services that they need.

I am secured in this role until December 2020 and am so excited to start this new challenge!

Jonas Brothers

As a graduation present, my mum got me tickets to see the Jonas Brothers on their Happiness Begins tour in Birmingham! I was obsessed with them when I was younger and couldn’t believe my luck when they announced they had reunited last year.

It was so surreal, exciting and emotional to see them live again as the last time I saw them live was in 2009 in Manchester when they did their last world tour (I told you I was obsessed). I was on my feet the entire time, dancing, singing and living my best life as they gave an amazing show. I was so happy that they played so many of their old songs for the OG fans – particularly my favourite song ‘Fly With Me’ that I never thought they would play life again.

Alex gave with me and I have to say although it wasn’t really his things, he was great company and embraced it for me. He even said he had a really good time and thought they were great and the show was fab! It was also so nice to get away for two days as we stayed in Birmingham in our trusty Travelodge the night of the gig.


I got my grades back for my first semester of my MSc Clinical Psychology. In total I got the following

  • Timeline and Essay Assessment – 64 (merit)
  • Multiculturalism in Mental Health Services Essay – 80 (distinction)
  • Therapy Comparison Essay – 66 (merit)
  • 24 Hour Essay – 76 (distinction)

I honestly cannot believe that I got two distinctions and nothing lower than a merit! When we started they told us to expect scraping a pass to start with and to have got a merit as my lowest grade is something I never thought would happen. I never really got 1sts in Worcester so I am pleasantly surprising myself.

There are times over the past 6 months where I have questioned if trying to keep up with full time work, masters study, a research placement, panto rehearsals etc would was the right decision. Receiving these grades made me realise I am capable and can do this!

Panto Rehearsals

I am hoping to do a separate post with a rehearsal update but we have also been rehearsing for upcoming pantomime we are in. Aladdin takes place 17th – 22nd February and its almost the week before the show where we will be in the theatre running the show! I’m so excited to get back on my favourite stage for what is going to be a fantastic show so watch this space for a proper update.


You’ll already know about this from my Hamilton blog post but I finally saw this show and it was everything I dreamed it would be and more!

There we have it! A look back at what was a very eventful and positive start to the new year! Here’s to what the rest of 2020 has in store.

Meg xo



  1. Sounds a like a busy month for you! Happy belated birthday – I’m 26 and they’ve all been downhill since 21 ha. I hope the rest of your year is as good as January has been! xx


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