Hello again. I know it’s been forever since I’ve blogged but honestly the global crisis we find ourselves in with Corona has been taken its toll and I’ve had zero motivation for anything. However, I’m trying to get out of my unproductive slump by focusing on all the things I have time for now that I didn’t before. I’ve been doing one of those ’30 day song challenges’ (don’t moan, I genuinely love finding out about people’s music taste etc) and one of them is a Broadway/West End themed one. Today’s theme is ‘a song from your dream role’ and seems as I couldn’t pick just one, I thought I would write a post all about my dream theatre roles in hopes they may one day come true!

These are in no particular order as honestly the one I want the most changes on a day to day basis, depending on how I feel. I really could go on and on with a list of a million roles I would love to play but I’ve tried to pick the ones that have always been goals of mine.

  1. Belle in Beauty and the Beast 

If you know me, it’s no secret that Beauty and the Beast in so, so special to me. It’s my absolute favourite Disney film and the score honestly makes my heart sing. I adore it. I’ve never been one to not be in a show if I didn’t get the part I’ve wanted, I don’t believe it is what theatre should be about (and trust me, I very rarely got main parts), but this is probably the one show I would really struggle to be a part of now if I wasn’t Belle – it’s such a huge dream for me. I dress as Belle for every fancy dress opportunity I get and the songs all suit my range so well.

The Broadway version of this show has so many extra songs when compared to the film and these songs are some of my favourite in the whole musical theatre realm. I used to sing ‘Home’ for every audition for the school musical when I was younger and ‘If I Can’t Love Her’ has become staple favourite for Alex and I since we were in an amateur production of Beauty and the Beast in 2010. He played Maurice and I played a wolf and a fork (before you ask, of course I’ve got pictures).

2. Jenna Hunterson in Waitress

This is another biggie for me (I feel like I will say this for all of them). Sara Bareilles has been one of my favourite artists for as long as I can remember, so when I heard that she was writing a musical I could not contain my excitement. I was lucky enough to see this production in January when it was on the West End and this confirmed to me that Jenna is definitely one of my dream roles. To be honest, any of the three female leads would be a fantastic part to play but I think I’m probably best suited to Jenna.

I am so drawn to the character and her experiences, particularly the domestic abuse storyline given my job. I really think I could do the role justice in my amdram circle if the licence is ever released and, again, the songs all really suit my range. My favourite Waitress song to sing is ‘What Baking Can Do’ so I guess I’ll keep practicing at home in case the opportunity to audition ever comes around!

3. The Elizas 

There are two great Elizas that I would love to play – Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady and Eliza Schyuler in Hamilton. I’ve wanted to play Eliza Doolittle since I was 8 years old and was in the chorus of my first production which so happened to be My Fair Lady. I can do a pretty good cockney accent from playing Madame Thenandier and I just love this show. Eliza Schyuler is a new one but since becoming obsessed with Hamilton she’s definitely the part for me from this show. I love everything about her character and her songs.

4. Eponine/Fantine in Les Miserables 

Les Mis and Hamilton are my two favourite musicals and ever since I was a little, Eponine in Les Mis has been a dream for me. When I was 9, I played ‘Little Eponine’ in a production of Les Mis and I think it would be amazing to get to go full circle with the role. However, as I’m getting older I would also love to play Fantine as I think she has such an important and heartbreaking story to tell. My final show during sixth form was Les Miserables and I remember being over the moon that I was going out with my favourite musical and I would get to make one of these dreams come true. However, I ended up being cast as Madame Thenardier and at first was beyond devastated but it was actually when of the best things that could have happened to me. I really broke down a barrier with this role and I am so glad I gave it a go.

5. Elphaba in Wicked

I think there are two types of people in the musical theatre world – those who want to play Glinda and those who want to play Elphaba. For me it has to be Elphaba and I would put up a bloody good fight to get it if it was ever available for amateur licence. This is probably the vocal role of a lifetime and her story really resonates with me as someone who is outcast for being different but is actually extremely powerful. I’m forever deafening my neighbours with renditions of ‘The Wizard and I’ and ‘No Good Deed.’ I also love that she is labelled a villain when in reality she is far from it. Wherever the green paint is – sign me up!

6. Maria in The Sound of Music 

This is a really special one for me. Our production of The Sound of Music in 2012 was kind of the start of Alex and I becoming more than friends as we were cast as Rolf and Liesl. Since then, I have always had this dream of doing this production again in a few year times but now being cast as Maria and Captain Von Trapp. I genuinely think we would be really well suited to these parts. The Sounds of Music is also my grandad’s favourite musical and we watch it together usually twice through on Christmas day (once normally then the singalong). It would mean the world to me to get to play Maria and for him to see me do it.

7. Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors 

This is actually one that Alex planted the seed with. Little Shop is his joint favourite musical alongside Chess and he has always said he thinks I would make a fab Audrey. For this reason, I would love to give it a go. Audrey is also more of a character part leading lady if that makes sense? I would jump at the chance to put on a whispy, New York accent and give this role a shot.

8. Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde 

This musical has only recently appeared on my rador but I have completely fallen in love. The songs and the storyline are just fantastic and I genuinely think this is a show that would really suit the senior section of my AmDram group at home so there is hope. I’m working on getting ‘Dyin Ain’t So Bad’ added to my repetoire at the moment.

9. Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie 

This is a funny one because I have zero dance training apart from a bit of tap we learnt when we did Singin’ in the Rain. When I was in my first year of uni, my theatre society were supposed to do this show and I had my heart set on auditioning for Millie but we ended up doing a different show instead. I think this show is fab, I love the music and how classic it feels. I used to sing ‘Gimme Gimme’ with my amazing voice teacher Jennifer Rhys-Davies who sadly past away last month so I always think of her when I sing it and she was my biggest singing advocate. If the opportunity came, I would definitely try and see what happened with Millie.

10. Veronice Sawyer in Heathers or any female role in We Will Rock You 

I would love to play Veronica as I really think it would push me vocally and let me showcase my newly found upper chest voice. I love the songs and her character is my favourite from the show. For We Will Rock You, I would honestly take any role out of Scaramouche, Meatloaf and Killer Queen. If I had to pick I of course would go for the lead, but I would also audition for Meat as ‘No One but You’ is one of my favourite songs from the show which I love singing.

I think I’ll stop at 10 before you’re all bored to tears – well done if you made it this far! Writing this as made me so ready to get back to rehearsing for shows and I can’t wait for the next production (whatever that may be) once lockdown and Corona are behind us!

What do you think of my list and what are your dream theatre roles?

Meg xo


  1. I love musical theatre, but will never perform because I can’t sing. So, it is hard to think of dream roles. However, if I could sing and actually developed a passion for musicals sooner than I did, my ultimate dream role would have been Elphaba. There are two musicals that made me develop a passion for musicals: Wicked and Les Mis.

    Elphaba is my favorite musical character.


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