Hello again. I hope lockdown is treating you all well – I am slowly getting over my lockdown blues and am determined to contribute to this blog more regularly again so, despite life being a bit shit, I’m not missing an important part of my life on here. So, yesterday I received my final grade for my first year of the MSc in Clinical Psychology I am completing at the University of South Wales. In my January recap blog, I shared my progress from the first semester and it feels like I have been waiting forever to finally know how I did in semester 2 and overall for my first year.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I every grade I received for semester 2 was a distinction! I am so shocked by this as its no secret that I consistently doubt my own ability and I have to say that the assessments for this semester were by far the most challenging of my academic career. Not to mention corona was thrown into the mix and our lectures were cut short so I felt very much out on my own and had many a breakdown (shoutout to my uni gals and Alex for keeping me calm and sane).

Not only did I receive straight distinctions this semester, but I also did some math and worked out that my overall grade for every module for this year is a distinction, meaning that I am finishing with a first class grade for year 1! That is mental to me. I rarely got As as an undergraduate and was sooo apprehensive about doing this masters as it was stressed from the very start when I went to the postgrad open day that the level is a league above undergrad (boy they were not kidding). I didn’t expect to get anything higher than a merit at a push and it turned out that a merit was the lowest grade I received this year.

We were also told that we should’t be working more that 12 hours a week for the part-time pathway as the content is too demanding. Now it’s no secret that I like to keep busy but I honestly thought I had pushed myself too far this year. I work full time for WMWA, completed the first year of the masters, volunteered as a research assistant for a placement and kept up with panto rehearsals and work with my music therapy etc. I feel like this is coming across braggy and that is not at all my intention – but I want future Meg to read this back and be bloody proud of herself for achieving this. However, I do hope that one day soon she lives a more normal life and takes it easy for a bit.

I don’t want anyone reading this to think that the degree is easy or that I have just breezed through because that is truly not the case. I have worked harder this year than I ever have in my entire life. I wanted to be the best scholar I could be and the comments and feedback I have received from lecturers has honestly made me a bit emotional.

I feel like this was just the kick up the bum I needed to accept the fact that although corona has literally ruined everything I was looking forward to, that I am still doing okay . I think I have been so consumed but the feeling that a year of my life is being wasted and taken from me, but these results have grounded me and helped me realise that I’m still on the right track even if it looks a lot different to what I thought it would be for 2020.

The next academic year will start with distance learning until at least January so come September there will be many a new challenge to face, but I am so pleased to be heading into my final masters year with good grades and a positive attitude behind me.

Meg xo

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