I have been so quiet on this blog lately – I feel like lockdown sucked away my motivation for most things and writing blogs would mean I would have to address the fact that our trip to Florida was cancelled and lots of other things have been going wrong. However, I spent the weekend with some of my closest friends and the absence of the blog was noted so what better way to kick start regular blogging than with documenting this weekend!

I haven’t seen my friends since a very brief meeting when they came to watch Alex and I in our pantomime in February. It has been awful not knowing when we would see each other next but everything fell into place and 5/8 of us were able to meet this weekend in Worcester for a mini reunion to tide us over until lockdown restrictions are eased into whatever our new normal will be!

Jade, Shannon and Ebony weren’t able to make it this weekend and we missed them so much, but I know it won’t be long before we are all reunited in style! That left Alex, Jordan, Zoe, Nikkii and I for this weekend. Alex and I travelled to Worcester on Saturday and came home Sunday evening.

There wasn’t much of a plan for this weekend other than to catch up and spend some time together and I loved it. Usually when we meet up, we have big elaborate plans in place like shows to watch etc but it was so nice to just chill and be in each others company. I honestly didn’t stop laughing from the moment I arrived until the moment I left!

We took a trip into the city centre on Saturday afternoon to see if we could get something to eat and it was so interesting/weird seeing how England differs to Wales in its application of lockdown measures like masks etc. Masks are mandatory in all shops in England so that took some getting used to. I also found that there were less measures in place in restaurants etc, as in Wales everything seemed to be uber planned out (toliet doors held open by door stops, really strict one way systems inside places and disposable menus etc whereas England, whilst there were things in place, were a bit more lax. I still felt very safe and everything was more than comfortable but it was really interesting to me.

We tried the usual Spoons and Nandos but everything was pretty busy. We ended up in a pub that I had always wanted to try and it was lovely. The same price as somewhere like Spoons but the food was soooo much nicer! Jord and I went for a steak and to my delight they had Miller and Carter esque beef dripping sauce (if you know me, you know I live for this stuff). Zoe went with Hunters Chicken and Alex lived his best life with a sharing platter. We had a lovely little meal before walking back to the house – even went via bitch hill to get our apple watch rings closed. Key highlight of the afternoon was learning that Zoe’s fake tan attempt flags her as an African Adventure on the Dulux colour checker app.

The rest of the evening was spent drinking, playing games, eating pizza and belly laughing. I know I said it before but I honestly haven’t laughed that much in the longest time. Although there were some of our gang missing, these guys never fail to lift my spirit and make my soul feel lighter and happy (drama queen, I know). I love that we can spend any amount of time apart, busy with adult life so not really speaking much and be reunited and everything is exactly the same. My absolute best friends for life.

I was lucky to get to crash in Zoe’s spare room whilst Alex and Jordan shared the living room on he sofa and the ‘prison mattress’. Alex wheezed all night and kept Jordan up whilst the girls slept soundly upstairs! Although we were back awake at 7am to make the most of the weekend!

On Sunday we had a chilled morning in (naturally accompanied by a photoshoot) before meeting Nikkii and Mitch at Toby Carvery for some Sunday lunch!

Nikkii broke down on the way so Mitch came to her rescue and bagged himself a carvery in the process and it was so good to see them. Nikkii and I lived together for two years and I still feel like my right arm is missing without her. I had never been to Toby Carvery before or driven around Worcester really so I conquered to milestones in this trip!

Oh my god – the carvery was amazingggg. Due to COVID, they now serve you your portions rather than self serve but this didn’t matter to us (although the servers could have cracked a smile). I went for beef and turkey with all the trimmings and it was glorious! You can’t go wrong for £11! We also all ordered desserts as Zoe and I had been after one all weekend. My cookie dough, ice cream sundae was amazing and Jordan’s surprising choice of an artic roll played in his favour as it looked smashing!

We had a little half hour back at the house before forcing ourselves to face reality and drive back home ready for back to work Monday. I can honestly say that this weekend made me thankful that I wasn’t in Florida and that is something I have really struggled with since it got cancelled. These guys were part of the best silver lining and I just feel myself again after seeing them. The perfect end to our annual leave and hopefully not too much longer before we are all reunited properly again.

Love you all,

Meg xo

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