This weekend was a nice change and rare glimpse of normality as we celebrated my Dad’s 50th birthday! Technically, his birthday isn’t until Tuesday but we decided to throw a little family gathering on Sunday to celebrate early.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that my dad suffered a stroke during my first year of university and we are very lucky to still have him with us the way he is. He has recovered more than anyone expected after experiencing a double hemorrhagic stroke. He has no use of his right right arm and very little function in his left leg but can walk a bit with the use of the cane, his speech is much better and his cognitive function in tact! I truly thought we had lost him, or at least the person he once was, when the stroke happened and am thankful everyday for his recovery.

The original plan was to have a surprise family meal at a restaurant but due to the most recent restrictions limiting the number of people to 6, this was cancelled and we had to rearrange. Luckily, my aunty and uncle Colin and Andrea said they would host a BBQ at their house as this is outdoor and would have plenty of space for everyone. This was a perfect option as it meant everyone could come and celebrate.

We arrived at 1pm and it was a fab afternoon filled with family, food and drink. My dad’s side of the family is massive and it is a rare occasion that we can all get together at something. It was also really nice to be back at Colin and Andrea’s house as I spent a lot of my childhood here playing with my cousins and it brought back some lovely memories. I was thrilled to see that Flossy the pony had also survived all these years as I was sure she would have passed on by now!

No family gathering is complete without a photo shoot as demanded by my uncle John and my nanny wanted a picture with all her grandchildren/great grandchildren which we were able to get! I always forget that my sister and I are the only girls!

The brothers and their mum!
Alex and I
Dad and I
Brothers together
Nanny and I
Best mates
Mother and son
The one and only John
John and ‘the boys’
All the grandchildren/great grandchildren

Dad was going to save opening his presents until his actual birthday, but Dafyd and I insisted he opened his present from us and Alex so we could see his reaction. We clubbed together to get him an IPad! He was thrilled and so shocked when he opened it. He said he was only expecting a t-shirt and couldn’t believe we had done it. He really deserved a big present this year, and the Ipad will give him the freedom to message us and use games, apps and video chat without having to be stuck at the computer all day.

My nan also had the most amazing cake made for him! My dad is a huge Liverpool supporter and this cake looks incredible! Again, he was thrilled with it and it polished off a wonderful afternoon. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and spend some time together. I also can’t believe my Dad is 50! Everyone says that me being 22 that my parents are really young and I remember always thinking it would be ages before either of them were 50! I guess time flies!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Meg xo

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