Hello again! We can’t believe it has been exactly one week since we picked up the keys to our first house. The love and support has been so overwhelming from everyone and if I’m honest, it still hasn’t hit us that the house we are currently working so hard to transform, will be our home very soon. In my last post, I chatted about us getting the house and our initial feelings etc but today I thought I would share a one week renovation update.

On the day we collected the keys (28th October), we had originally planned to just have a day to take it all in, show our family and friends pics etc and get used to the thought of being homeowners. However, it got to about 12:30pm and we were itching to get started – my mum had already taken off the hand rail on the stairs and Alex and her were pulling up the carpet in the conservatory to see what was underneath! We decided to not waste time and get stuck in with the renovations!

As we purchased our house from an elderly couple, everything is a little outdated and when looking for a house we purposely looked for something we could put our own stamp on. We budgeted and decided that before we properly moved in we would go ahead and renovate everything in the house but the kitchen and bathroom. This meant that all the walls needed to be stripped, flooring removed, electrics checked and changed, new plaster potentially etc. We also had the task of getting rid of all the furniture the previous owners had left behind.

The couple we bought from were struggling to move everything into their new flat and were stressing about it so we said they could leave whatever they wanted and we would take care of it. They definitely left more than we anticipated, but that’s okay. We got stuck in removing everything, taking it all a part and carting it downstairs and out of the way.

In one day we had

  • Taken a part and gotten rid of all the furniture
  • Pulled up all the carpets and flooring upstairs
  • Stripped all the wallpaper on the walls upstairs

One thing that we were nervous about was stepping the walls and finding an absolute mess underneath. However, with a lot of TLC we think they will be okay (fingers crossed). We found that under the second layer of wallpaper there was gloss paint on some of the walls which is a nightmare to get off and there was also tile glue and things on some of the walls too – so bizarre.

Another thing that we have found is that the previous owners have literally plugged the walls EVERYWHERE. By plug, I mean made a hold in them (probably from handing things on the walls etc) and then filled them with a plastic plug. When I say so far we have removed about 100 plugs and have 100 holes to fill just upstairs I am not over exaggerating. They are all over the place – nothing a bit of pollyfilla can’t fix though.

In one week we had

  • Stripped, steamed and scrubbed EVERY WALL IN THE HOUSE
  • Pulled up ALL carpets and flooring
  • Filled the millions of holes and cracks we found when the walls were bare
  • Sanded down all of the lumps and bumps upstairs
  • Had the electrics checked and all single plugs swapped to doubles, a new extractor fan fitted, switches changed, wall lights removed and filled.
  • Sanded and painted all the skirting and coving upstairs
  • Painted the ceilings and coving in the office and the ceiling in bedroom 1
  • Sorted out all of our bills
  • Painted the first coat of primer and colour in the office

When you write it all down in a list, it sounds so easy but I cannot stress how hard we have all worked over the last week to be at this stage. We are so grateful for the help and support we have received from family and we know that when the firebreak ends we will have even more help than before. I’ve had the week off work so there has literally been someone at the house for 8 hours a day working non-stop apart from the occasional tea break.

Renovating a full, 3 bedroom house is a huge task but we are motivated to keep making as much progress as possible to hopefully be moved in before Christmas (wishful thinking I know!). At the end of the day, we would rather take our time and do things properly than rush, cut corners and ultimately have to revisit everything in a year when there’s a house full of furniture and new floors etc.

I’ll end the blog here with a load of progress photos for us to look back at. If you are interested in daily updates head over to my home instagram account where I document our progress @megandalexathome

Bedroom 1





Meg xo


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