Right, I’m not gonna lie the past 8 weeks have been an absolute whirlwind and I haven’t had time to document our renovation journey on the blog up to now. I managed the first week, but after that it was all systems go to get things done in time for Christmas. I will go back now I have a bit more time and write some more renovation updates to look back on though! For now, I am thrilled to be able to say that we are officially moved in to our first home and it was just in time for Christmas!

We moved in on the 23rd December 2020 after 7 long week of renovating. We honestly can’t thank our family enough for the insane amount of work and effort that was put into this house. I literally look around and know that so much time and love has gone into these walls. My grandparents have gone above and beyond at almost 80 years old scrubbing walls, filling holes, tearing out a bathroom, meeting tradesman, pulling late nights to oversee plumbing and tiling – you name it they did it. My mum is also a superwoman and the newly crowned ‘coving queen’ and ‘gloss gladiator.’ We had too many other people to name individually, but they know who they are and we are forever grateful.

In 7 weeks, we were able to completely transform the house. The living room has brand new plaster, a brand new bathroom, all walls have been stripped, scrubbed and painted, new flooring, new carpet, we got rid of the wood chip, sorted out the coving and skirting boards, painted the ceilings etc. It is a completely different place and we are in awe that this is ours. If you’ve ready the first renovation blog, then you’ll be able to appreciate the difference but I am planning on doing a before and after blog anyway!

It was a mad dash to decorate for Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year and I wasn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit until the tree went up. Alex finally caved and let me get this tree that was on offer and we borrowed Christmas decorations from my mum and nanna.

My mum also gifted us a few things like this amazing little Christmas statue that she said reminded her of us wanting to take selfies with everyone! Also, this sparkly letters and our first christmas decorations that are just ours.

I’m honestly so in love with everything and the Christmas decorations have really made this house feel like our home. I never want to take them down! We still need to save for quite a lot of furniture (we currently have no wardrobes or drawers etc so we are living out of suitcases) but that’s all part of the fun!

Despite all the rubbish going on in the world, we are feeling so grateful and lucky this Christmas and waking up in our house on Christmas morning was the most magical feeling ever.

Meg xo

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