With all of the scary things going on in the world, I have to say that I was feeling a little bit apprehensive about Christmas this year. It is my favourite time of year and I was really struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas day for me is all about family, it’s the one day of the year I get to see all of my family on one day and it’s so, so special to me. With the restrictions and Wales going into a full lockdown just days before the 25th, everything was feeling really uncertain and not magical at all.

However, we were finally able to move into our home and I have to say that Christmas 2020 will go down as one of my favourite days on all time. Christmas started on the 24th when I was finally able to sit down and do my Christmas wrapping. I am that crazy lady that adores Christmas wrapping and I always save it for my first day of annual leave so I can fully enjoy it. I watch my favourite film (The Holiday), grab all the ribbon and get to work. Alex then finished work at 6pm and were were able to cwtch up and watch some Christmas films. We tried Jingle Jangle on Netflix and the jury is still out on it and Noelle on Disney+

Then the big day finally arrived and Alex and I shared one of my Christmas traditions which is opening stockings in bed. Alex agreed that he would get up at 7am and no earlier so when the clock turned to 7:00 on the dot, I was up with stockings in hand ready to start the day. Alex has never really done ‘proper’ stocking Meg style before so it was such a nice way to start the day. For me stocking are a mix of little fun things and things that you need. He even did a little theme for my presents which was super cute.

We then ventured downstairs for one of Alex’s traditions which is cooking frozen pastries for breakfast. He polished of 11/12 himself and me (not being a breakfast person) managed one. We also grabbed some coffee before cracking on with main presents. I will never forget coming downstairs to the sight of our own tree, in our own house and seeing the presents underneath just made me emotional and feel so lucky. Even Alex was buzzing and he isn’t the biggest Christmas person (he was even trying to take a peak the night before).

We then spent the next hour or so opening our presents from one another and Alex’s parents. We decided to start a new tradition so did this first. We pick a category and had to get each other a gift from that category to open first. This year the category was a Christmas decoration – I got Alex something to commemorate our first Christmas in our home and he got me the most beautiful Disney ornament to reflect my all time favourite film.

Alex had themed my presents and I had one for every month of the year. He said it was to make up for not getting me anything for my birthday or our anniversary this year. Mine didn’t have a theme but I did try to write some rhymes on the tags. It was the most amazing thing watching Alex open all his gifts – it’s my favourite thing giving gifts. I got him lots of things that I knew he would love like the entire James Bond film collection, a starter kit for the garden (he wants to make an allotment in ours), some games, a new knife set for the kitchen etc.

However, the main event was him opening the PS5 that I tried to get for MONTHS and finally managed it. These things are like gold dust and it took a 4am alarm and very fast fingers to get it into the basket and checkout. He almost cried and was so excited bless him. He works so hard and never wants anything big so I was so happy to be able to give him this. I also got him DC Lego Villains for us to play together and we have been smashing that out over the past few days.

I am so grateful for all of my gifts too, they were perfect! For me, Christmas isn’t about the gifts but I have to say this year I felt like a little kid! Alex nailed it with a perfect mix of things I had mentioned throughout the year/were on my radar and things that took me completely by surprise. For example, I had wanted a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser for ages and he surprised with one as my final present, but also got me a FRIEND Lego set (which I would have never thought of for myself) and a 120 set of finalisers to help with my bullet journalling which I didn’t see coming! The biggest surprise was definitely a sport massager gun to sort out my nightmare of a back – it is the coolest thing!

I also finally got an all strawberry tub of quality streets after it being the only thing I have asked for every year since 2013!

We then headed for a socially distanced drop by my dads house to exchange gifts and see each other (albeit from 2m away on the doorstep). I’m just glad we got to see each other even if only for a little while. My dad spoilt us rotten with things for the house and just other lovely presents. He got us a new TV stand, coffee table, coffee machine and just far too much other study. So grateful but always feel a bit bad because he goes all out every year.

We then headed for Christmas dinner at my nanna and granddads with my mum as they are all part of our bubble. We exchanged gifts to one another and I was so excited to give them their gifts. For all their hard work on the house, we wanted to make sure we spoilt them a bit (same for Alex’s mum and dad who we got a German Pasta Maker!). My nan is the biggest book worm and so we got her some books and also a Kindle so that she doesn’t have to venture out to the library all the time. My mum has started a new job at The Grange hospital which is a bit of a commute for her now and she misses doing things with her friends and going to her choir practice which is all now virtual (she doesn’t have a computer or laptop), so we got her an IPad (from my brother too) with a keyboard case so it doubles as a laptop for work form home.

Then my grandad always refers to himself as a ‘star’ (‘I am a star, I am’) and would always tell us when we were little that his mum became a star when she died. So we decided to name a star after him. We named it Clivinius (which is his nickname from us, I am Megonious, Dafyd is Davinius and Alex is Alexonious). I have never seen my grandad cry before but he started crying which then obviously lead to everyone else crying and I am tearing up even thinking about it so we will move on!

We then had our Christmas dinner which as per usual my nanna absolutely smashed out of the park with two meats, the full works and vegetables freshly grown in their garden. It was amazing and so nice to have Alex with us for this part of the day for the first time. We pulled crackers, raced Kangaroos (the reindeer than came in the crackers) and played Bananagrams after dinner before Alex and I rolled ourselves to his parents house for a socially distanced hello.

It was really nice to see everyone and his grandma was there too so he got to see her through a mask and from 2m away. We exchanged more gifts, caught up with everyone before heading back to our house for a chill evening looking through presents and just relaxing.

It was honestly such a lovely day and made me feel even more grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people. We really do have such a wonderful family and support system. I just hope that next year we are able to give everyone a big hug too!

Meg xo

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