I have such mixed feelings about 2020. Undoubtedly the hardest year of my life (and for the world) but equally the most wonderful year for me personally when I reflect. I’m choosing to focus and celebrate the good today. I would love to encourage anyone reading this to comment their highlights (big or small – we have to take pride in the smallest of victories this year) so we can focus on the positives together. I love hearing about other people’s achievements! I’m going to try and keep this short and just highlight the stand outs and not go into too much detail as I am aware that others reading this may not have had the best year.

For me, the year started off with my 22nd birthday and starting a new role co-ordinating a very special project, working with victims of domestic abuse within the criminal justice system and training professionals (police, magistrates, probation workers etc) on the relationship between domestic abuse and offending in women. I have adored this role (albeit the most challenging and emotionally draining thing I’ve ever done especially during the pandemic) and am so grateful to have been able to work full time throughout the year and be so well supported by my fantastic organisation.

I am also so excited to have gained a new position within WMWA to start next week as an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) which means I’ll be working with women who are the highest risk victims of domestic abuse.

I also saw Hamilton and The Jonas Brothers at the end of January which were both incredible experiences.

February was the month I got to fulfill my lifelong dream (dramatic but true) of playing principle girl for Abergavenny Pantomime Company. Coming back for Aladdin and getting to play Princess Jasmine with such a fab bunch of people was everything I hoped for and more. Gained a tiny bit of self confidence in this role and grateful my nanny got to hear me sing a solo which she has been going on about since I started theatre when I was 8 .

We won’t talk about the middle months, we all know what happened then. Missing family and friends terribly.

Fast forward to summer where I found out I had passed my first year of my MSc in Clinical Psychology with a 1st! This degree is something else, honestly so many breakdowns over the level of difficulty and trying to balance it with everything else but so proud of myself for getting nothing lower than a merit for the whole first year. Last year to go!

Then we have the last half of the year where we lost our long awaited holiday to Walt Disney World. I’m not a fan of everything happens for a reason, it’s a shit consolation to say when bad things happen that just shouldn’t. However, I do think that paths change and I still can’t believe that Alex and I bought a house this year and renovated it from top to bottom in time to spend Christmas there together I also became chairman of a society that I have spend my whole life with and like to think I’ve thrown myself into the role and am navigating as best I can and I’m excited for what the future holds for us.

I don’t have any big resolutions for 2021, I feel like we should all tread very carefully as who knows what it’ll throw at us, but I am going into it ready to embrace the new challenges and experiences. I am going to try and care less of what others think of me though! I would never have predicted 2020 and I hope that 2021 is unpredictable in the best way.

Happy New Year Everyone,

Meg xo

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