First blog post of 2021 and all about the day I turned 23 in the middle of a global pandemic. I’ve always looked forward to my birthday as it’s the one day of the year where I quite enjoy the fuss I otherwise try to avoid. This year wasn’t looking like it was going to be much of a day, but I have to say it was one of my fave birthdays ever.

Turning 23 is a weird one. It’s such an insignificant age but for some reason I just didn’t want it to come around. I have a crippling obsession with doing as much as I can, as young as I can. I think it has something to do with the fear that the most important people in my life one day won’t be around to see what I’ve managed to do, but we won’t go into that. I liked being 22 as it made me feel closer to 20 that 25 and when you’re 25 you’re a proper adult, right? However, 23 came around nevertheless.

Tier 4 lockdown restrictions meant that proper birthday plans were out of the question. I considered organising a Zoom quiz with my best people but if I’m honest I am SO fed up zoom and I think it would’ve just made me more sad as a reminder that we can’t see each other and who knows when that will change. Instead, I was genuinely just not looking forward to the day and if I’m honest almost forget it was coming around. Alex hated that I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday (think it gave him flashbacks to a very unchristmassy Meg during December) and tried to get me in the birthday spirit. In the end I decided to stop being such a baby and embrace the lockdown life. Work gave me the day off when they heard it was my birthday and I would enjoy Alex’s company in our own little home.

I awoke to pancake breakfast in bed which was bloody lush before Alex zipped downstairs and instructed me not to come down until he said so. Half an hour later I was granted access to the living room that had been turned into a little birthday cove with balloons, presents and a big old banner. It’s so silly how something like a someone buying you a balloon can make your heart swell.

Then came present and card time. It was so lovely to get birthday cards from my friends who I miss so much at the moment. I always say that birthdays show who genuinely gives a crap about ups (no it’s no about presents it’s about taking the time to show someone they are loves) and this year was no different. I was reminded how many bloody good family and friend eggs I have in my life. Flower, chocolates, money and books galore!

Then came my presents from Alex who in true Alex fashion forget gifts tags so tore up some cardboard and wrote on that! I was spoilt rotten with books, gin, a mini projector to allow me to watch Netflix in bed and a huge set of dual ended pens to support my bullet journaling journey. He also got me and Easter Egg because there’s few things I love more than chocolate in the shape of an egg. Don’t care what people say – it just tastes better!

My mum (part of our bubble) then popped over with a homemade cake and some more cards and bits. It felt really weird not seeing all of my family this year but I was glad to see some of them, plus my mums cake is to die for.

The rest of the afternoon was ours so I changed straight back into my pyjamas and we cwthced up to watch some telly and play some board games. Alex then presented me with one last surprise present – a Nintendo Switch Lite! I have been going on about one for agesss and I was so shocked and happy he got me one. He said that it was other pink or blue as they had no yellow and he was worried I wouldn’t like it as I’m not a huge pink fan normally. After telling him not to be so silly I downloaded Animal Crossing and started creating Megopolis. I have never played Animal Crossing before but my god I was obsessed! If only it wasn’t taking me ten years to get enough iron nuggets to build a shop!

In the evening, we ordered an Indian Takeaway (my fave) from our favourite local place and tried out the new gin before watching some more telly and having an early night (yes lockdown has turned us into 80-year olds).

Such a lovely and relaxed day that I wouldn’t have changed for the world.

Here’s to the rest of 2021,

Meg xo

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