It has been a long time coming, but we have finally been able to rebook our cancelled 2020 holiday! If you know me, you’ll know that I was beyond devastated that our trip was cancelled and had since then written off Disney not thinking it would be realistic for us to go again. I know that the pandemic lead to far more serious issues but going to our favourite place really did keep me going through the first part of last year. I was also worried that we had such as great deal when we last booked that we wouldn’t be able to get that again – but I have been proven wrong. Here is a blog all about the details our our March 2022 Disney trip!

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As I’m writing this it is officially just 176 days until our trip to Florida and we are beyond excited! As I mentioned in my first post about our trip, we are on the Disney Dining Plan for the duration of our stay and this week we were able to book all of the sit down meals we wanted whilst we are away. This blog is going to be jam packed (and super long) sharing all the details of the dining plan and what we were able to book.  Continue reading “DISNEY DINING PLAN PROS”


Now that I’ve documented the surprise and reveal to Alex, I can finally share all of the exciting details of our trip and use this blog to plan and impart some of my Disney wisdom and top tips! If you’re interested in more Disney content then follow my new Instagram (minimsandmagicxo) dedicated to all things Disney so I can post to my hearts content without clogging up my personal/generic blogging account (meg_trinder).  Continue reading “WALT DISNEY WORLD AND DISNEY CRUISE TRIP DETAILS”