I have been so quiet on this blog lately – I feel like lockdown sucked away my motivation for most things and writing blogs would mean I would have to address the fact that our trip to Florida was cancelled and lots of other things have been going wrong. However, I spent the weekend with some of my closest friends and the absence of the blog was noted so what better way to kick start regular blogging than with documenting this weekend!

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As I’m writing this it is officially just 176 days until our trip to Florida and we are beyond excited! As I mentioned in my first post about our trip, we are on the Disney Dining Plan for the duration of our stay and this week we were able to book all of the sit down meals we wanted whilst we are away. This blog is going to be jam packed (and super long) sharing all the details of the dining plan and what we were able to book.  Continue reading “DISNEY DINING PLAN PROS”


Hello again. I know it has been absolutely ages since I last did a blog post but I’ve been moving home from uni for good and the whole transition has left me feeling a bit motivation-less. However, I had such as good day at FriendsFest UK today and I couldn’t BE any more excited to write a blog post about it – so here goes! Continue reading “THE ONE WHERE THEY WENT TO FRIENDS FEST”


Yesterday marked the day that I finally turned 21! I feel like I had been looking forward to this birthday for ages and knew I wanted to make it as special as possible. I’m going to do a big ‘Celebrating my 21st Birthday’ post next week as I still have some celebrations in line next week, but I wanted to dedicated a whole blog to my amazing birthday trip to London with all my wonderful friends. Continue reading “21ST BIRTHDAY TRIP TO LONDON”


With this years London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) well underway, I have been reminiscing on our time at the event last year. I got Alex a trip to LFCC for Christmas and we had an amazing time. He is comic crazy and I have to admit at first I was a little hesitant about going but I had the best time. Don’t get me wrong I know more about the comic book world than most but I had no idea I would enjoy myself so much! As a result, I thought I would write this post about our trip and share some tips we picked up along the way. A bit of a warning, this might be a long one!  Continue reading “LONDON FILM AND COMIC CON: TIPS AND TRICKS”


Today marks two years since Alex and I embarked on our travels around the Mediterranean coast. This was such an amazing trip that we worked so hard to go on and I would give anything to do it all over again. I’m forever counting my blessings for being in a relationship with my best friend who I want to do everything with and we’ve definitely got that travel craving at the minute. It would take a short novel to discuss everything we did on this trip, so I thought I’d share a summary of our trip in pictures instead! Continue reading “EXPLORING EUROPE IN PICTURES”