This weekend was a nice change and rare glimpse of normality as we celebrated my Dad’s 50th birthday! Technically, his birthday isn’t until Tuesday but we decided to throw a little family gathering on Sunday to celebrate early.

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Every year my old secondary school put on a musical at the end of term and since leaving I have been back annually to help out backstage. This year marked the end of an era as our old drama teacher is moving on to another school meaning this was our last year helping out.  Continue reading “BACKSTAGE FOR SCHOOL (OF ROCK)”


Part of my role as a wellbeing champion at the University of Worcester involves coming up with original campaigns that promote or aid wellbeing. As we have established, I absolutely adore Christmas, so one of favourite times to come up with ideas during the festive season. Whilst to me this time of year is magical, Christmas can be a really difficult time for some – it is easy to feel lonely, isolated or anxious. As a result I always endeavour to come up with a Christmas campaign that raises awareness of these issues. Continue reading “BLOGMAS – DAY 7: SHINE A LIGHT & PEACE OF MIND AT CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGNS”


I recently did an interview for BBC Hereford and Worcester about drinking culture at university. I found the interview ridiculous as they were basically trying to dig dirt and paint us student’s in the typical negative light. I wasn’t having any of it and as a result they decided to cut our interview content and seek out randomers in town that would give in to the stereotype and tell them what they wanted to hear.

Since then I’ve been reflecting on my experience of the social side of university and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a hardworking individual with four part time jobs, a committee position within my society and am on track for a sound grade in my degree all of which I balance alongside my social inventory. If I choose to go and let my hair down once or twice a week when I can find time then why should that be a bad thing? I thought I would write this blog as a reminder of why socialising with your friends and letting off steam is so important at university.  Continue reading “SOCIAL NIGHTS ARE THE BEST NIGHT’S”


This week I got to spend most of my time back in my favourite theatre, as I worked backstage for my old secondary school’s show – Evita. The Borough Theatre in Abergavenny was literally my second home growing up. I used to do three musicals and one pantomime there a year and rehearse there four days a week, so it was such a welcome feeling being back. However, this time I swapped performing for being part of the backstage crew and here’s how I got on. Continue reading “A WEEK AT THE THEATRE”


So the past few weeks have been some of the toughest I’ve faced since starting uni. My daily routine is getting up at 6:15am and getting home at midnight every night. I have a production of Grease to put on, exams and deadlines around every corner and Alex is on placement all day everyday so I don’t get to see him much either. How do I do it? This is a question I am asked daily – “how do you do it all”, “how do you fit everything you do into one day” etc, etc. The answer is I have absolutely no idea! I’m a firm believer in making the most of every minute I’m at university but lately things have gotten a little too much even for me. However, the one thing I can always rely on to pick me up and dust me off is my amazing group of uni friends.  Continue reading “UNI FRIENDS ARE THE BEST FRIENDS”


Hello! I am sorry it’s been so long since my last post, describing uni as stressful would be an under statement at the moment! Everything seems to be going to wrong lately and I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed and pretty down. However, I knew I had a weekend at home to look forward too and it was definitely worth the wait. My lovely Nanny Jenny turned 70 today and my family have been planning a surprise meal for her since the start of the year! Continue reading “SURPRISE 70TH BIRTHDAY BASH”