Hello and welcome to Minims & Mischief! I’m Meg – a 21 year old, Welsh gal, Psychology graduate, MSc Clinical Psychology student at the University of South Wales and girl behind the blog. I love music, theatre, blogging, travelling and binge watching all the good Netflix I can. I spend any spare time spending time with my wonderful family, loving boyfriend and amazing group of friends who support me in everything I do.

I started blogging for my university a 3 years ago to earn some extra cash and had always thought about starting my own blog. I love documenting my life and interests any way I can – yes I’m that photo obsessed friend! I also absolutely love the idea of being able to look back at everything I have experienced and a blog seemed like the perfect way to manage my memories.

The name ‘Minims & Mischief’ was created with the help of my boyfriend and sums this blog up perfectly with minims being the name given to two beat music notes in Britain. When reading this blog you’ll find general things I get up to, adventures I go on, music reviews, travel tips and the ups and downs of my student experience and life as a graduate.

I’m really excited to sharing my experiences, interests and advice with anyone that would like to read and hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me a little.

Happy Reading,

Meg xo

P.S for more info about me check out my ‘Meet Meg’ blog here