On the 15th May I attended the Worcester Award Celebration Event which is an evening all about recognising those who have completed the Worcester award and their achievements. I went along to receive my ‘gold’ award and also got a very unexpected surprise! Continue reading “WORCESTER AWARD SURPRISE”


With just over a day left of 2018 I’ve been taking some time to reflect on all the amazing things that I accomplished and the memories I have made. When I think about it, 2018 was a really big year for me personally. I feel like I really found myself as a person (cliche I know) and finally gained a bit of self confidence. I also made some of the most amazing friendships and overcame obstacles that at the time seemed like impossible task. Continue reading “A YEAR IN MY LIFE: 2018”


I can’t quite believe I have finished my second year of university! It feels like both a second and lifetime ago that I moved to Worcester as a fresher and now I only have one year of undergraduate study to go! This year has been extremely taxing at times, sometimes I wonder if I have taken on too much and the answer is probably yes. Balancing three jobs, a degree, a committee position alongside everything else has almost killed me off but I made it and I’m looking forward to what I have in store over the next few months. Continue reading “EXAM FREE: WHAT NOW?”