Hello everyone and welcome to the first blog post of 2019! At this time of year, my feed is filled with posts about changes, resolutions and giving things up. I’m not really one for making ‘new year’s resolutions’ as such as if I want to change something in my life I tend not to wait around for the end of the year but I certainly do get the ‘new year, new me’ mantra for those that go with it. Continue reading “NEW YEAR GOALS & 2019 BUCKET LIST”


Travelling is something I have always been keen to do and lately the urge to get out there and explore new places is stronger than ever. The last bit of travelling I did was in 2016 when my boyfriend and I took a trip around Europe together. I find myself reminiscing over that trip all the time and searching online to see if there is anything we can afford to do soon. As a result I created a travel bucket list filled with some of the places I want to visit in my life. Continue reading “TRAVEL BUCKET LIST”