With all of the scary things going on in the world, I have to say that I was feeling a little bit apprehensive about Christmas this year. It is my favourite time of year and I was really struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas day for me is all about family, it’s the one day of the year I get to see all of my family on one day and it’s so, so special to me. With the restrictions and Wales going into a full lockdown just days before the 25th, everything was feeling really uncertain and not magical at all.

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As Smithy from Gavin and Stacey once said “IT’S CHRISTMASSSS!” I can’t believe that the day is here and blogmas has officially come to an end with this post. I thought I would give you a little look into my how I celebrated today as I am feeling very grateful and full of love. Continue reading “BLOGMAS – DAY 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE”