Travelling is something I have always been keen to do and lately the urge to get out there and explore new places is stronger than ever. The last bit of travelling I did was in 2016 when my boyfriend and I took a trip around Europe together. I find myself reminiscing over that trip all the time and searching online to see if there is anything we can afford to do soon. As a result I created a travel bucket list filled with some of the places I want to visit in my life. Continue reading “TRAVEL BUCKET LIST”


Alex and I have been together since June 2013 – nearly 5 years! I find that I get asked lots of questions about our relationship, particularly about how we ended up at the same University together and what it is like. As a result I thought I’d answer some of those questions and share our story via a cheeky blog!  Continue reading “MOVING TO UNI WITH MY BOYFRIEND”