I feel like a bit of a hypocrite writing this post as Alex and I never get to spend anytime recently! However, I still maintain that Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year and there are so many different activities you can do to shake things up a little bit. I thought I would share some of my favourite Christmas date ideas that I’ve either experienced myself or wish I had!  Continue reading “BLOGMAS – DAY 14: FESTIVE DATE IDEAS”


Last Friday was Alex’s 23rd Birthday and as his present I decided to take him to see Shrek: The Musical at the New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. We saw the evening performance that began at 7pm which was a full house. We have wanted to see this show ever since it started as Shrek is one of our favourite animated films. As we are so busy during term time, I also thought it would be nice to get away for the evening and watch some theatre together. Here’s what we thought of the show… Continue reading “SHREK THE MUSICAL: REVIEW”


It feels like we’ve only just had the new year yet before we know it the shops are full of pink gifts and Valentine’s day is upon us! I’m not gonna lie I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day and anything romantic but for me it’s not about the presents or flowers. I use the day to reflect on my relationships and remember how lucky I am to have such a loving boyfriend, family and group of friends. Here’s what Alex and I got up to on our 5th Valentines as a couple.  Continue reading “OUR 5TH VALENTINE’S DAY”


This week is reading week at my university but as per usual my schedule never dies down and I can’t believe semester 2 of my second year starts on Monday. You’ll know if you’ve read my ‘Turning Twenty’ post, that I celebrated my 20th birthday a week ago today! As we have been so busy, Alex and I haven’t been able to spend much time together over my birthday just the two of us so as my present he gifted me a shopping trip and date day together.  Continue reading “DATE DAY – BIRTHDAY TREAT”