With just over a day left of 2018 I’ve been taking some time to reflect on all the amazing things that I accomplished and the memories I have made. When I think about it, 2018 was a really big year for me personally. I feel like I really found myself as a person (cliche I know) and finally gained a bit of self confidence. I also made some of the most amazing friendships and overcame obstacles that at the time seemed like impossible task. Continue reading “A YEAR IN MY LIFE: 2018”


All my grades are finally in and I’ve completed all the extra courses I signed up to this week to meaning my second year of university is officially over! This year has been my favourite of uni by far and I’ve accomplished so much that I never thought I would. Here’s a whistle stop look back at the best bits of my year. Continue reading “SECOND YEAR OF UNI REVIEW”


I can’t quite believe I have finished my second year of university! It feels like both a second and lifetime ago that I moved to Worcester as a fresher and now I only have one year of undergraduate study to go! This year has been extremely taxing at times, sometimes I wonder if I have taken on too much and the answer is probably yes. Balancing three jobs, a degree, a committee position alongside everything else has almost killed me off but I made it and I’m looking forward to what I have in store over the next few months. Continue reading “EXAM FREE: WHAT NOW?”