Hello and happy February everyone! January was a pretty full on month for me where lots of great things happened – I turned 22, saw the Jonas Brothers, got a promotion amongst other things. I think I’ll do a January recap soon that covers everything in detail. However, the highlight of the month has to be my Christmas present from Alex which was a trip to London to see Hamilton! Continue reading “I FINALLY SAW HAMILTON”


Yesterday marked the day that I finally turned 21! I feel like I had been looking forward to this birthday for ages and knew I wanted to make it as special as possible. I’m going to do a big ‘Celebrating my 21st Birthday’ post next week as I still have some celebrations in line next week, but I wanted to dedicated a whole blog to my amazing birthday trip to London with all my wonderful friends. Continue reading “21ST BIRTHDAY TRIP TO LONDON”


I can’t quite believe I have finished my second year of university! It feels like both a second and lifetime ago that I moved to Worcester as a fresher and now I only have one year of undergraduate study to go! This year has been extremely taxing at times, sometimes I wonder if I have taken on too much and the answer is probably yes. Balancing three jobs, a degree, a committee position alongside everything else has almost killed me off but I made it and I’m looking forward to what I have in store over the next few months. Continue reading “EXAM FREE: WHAT NOW?”


So the past few weeks have been some of the toughest I’ve faced since starting uni. My daily routine is getting up at 6:15am and getting home at midnight every night. I have a production of Grease to put on, exams and deadlines around every corner and Alex is on placement all day everyday so I don’t get to see him much either. How do I do it? This is a question I am asked daily – “how do you do it all”, “how do you fit everything you do into one day” etc, etc. The answer is I have absolutely no idea! I’m a firm believer in making the most of every minute I’m at university but lately things have gotten a little too much even for me. However, the one thing I can always rely on to pick me up and dust me off is my amazing group of uni friends.  Continue reading “UNI FRIENDS ARE THE BEST FRIENDS”


Hello! I am sorry it’s been so long since my last post, describing uni as stressful would be an under statement at the moment! Everything seems to be going to wrong lately and I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed and pretty down. However, I knew I had a weekend at home to look forward too and it was definitely worth the wait. My lovely Nanny Jenny turned 70 today and my family have been planning a surprise meal for her since the start of the year! Continue reading “SURPRISE 70TH BIRTHDAY BASH”


Hello lovely people! As most of you will know I spend most of my weekends at university. I don’t tend to go home as I believe being at uni is the time to learn to be self sufficient and become accustomed to adult life. I also think I’d find it too hard to come back to uni every week if I constantly went home! Most Sunday’s a few friends and myself tend to go out for a carvery at a student pub where we get discount but this week we decided to make our own. This is how we got on… Continue reading “SUNDAYS AT UNI”