So as I am writing this it has almost been one whole week since our first performance of The Wedding Singer and I honestly have no idea where the time has gone. I don’t think I’ve quite processed that the show or my time in Loco has come to an end (and I’m going to write a separate post bidding Loco farewell when I am emotionally stable enough) but here is a look back at my last show with my beloved Loco Show Co. Prepare for lots of pics.
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One thing I always like to keep in mind at Christmas, is that it is a time for giving. I think today a lot of people let materialistic and expensive gifts define the meaning of the season when that should never be the case. I believe that giving your time is one of the most valuable ways to contribute some kindness at this time of year and yesterday I was lucky to join my society as we volunteered at a senior citizen tea dance. Continue reading “BLOGMAS – DAY 13: VOLUNTEERING AT CHRISTMAS”