I have been so quiet on this blog lately – I feel like lockdown sucked away my motivation for most things and writing blogs would mean I would have to address the fact that our trip to Florida was cancelled and lots of other things have been going wrong. However, I spent the weekend with some of my closest friends and the absence of the blog was noted so what better way to kick start regular blogging than with documenting this weekend!

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It feels as though I have been waiting forever to write the post but the day finally came – I am officially a psychology graduate from the University of Worcester! I honestly cannot begin to describe how amazing yet challenging the past three years have been but the fact that I got to walk up on that stage and graduate in front of my family was a dream come true. Naturally, this post is going to be a lengthy one all about graduating and the things I did to celebrate leading up to the big day! Continue reading “I GRADUATED!”


So as I am writing this it has almost been one whole week since our first performance of The Wedding Singer and I honestly have no idea where the time has gone. I don’t think I’ve quite processed that the show or my time in Loco has come to an end (and I’m going to write a separate post bidding Loco farewell when I am emotionally stable enough) but here is a look back at my last show with my beloved Loco Show Co. Prepare for lots of pics.
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Every year the University of Worcester hold a carol service in Worcester Cathedral. Last year, I was approached by a member of my student services department and asked if Loco would be interested in getting involved as they wanted more student input in the service. Well, two years later we are still participating in this wonderful event and this year was extra special. Continue reading “BLOGMAS – DAY 12: PERFORMING AT THE UNIVERSITY CAROL CONCERT”


This week in Worcester is called ‘Progression Week’ which is basically a reading week where there are no scheduled lectures for students. This is also because it is graduation week! Everyone that completed their degrees in May come back to graduate in style at Worcester Cathedral! Here’s what we got up to to celebrate all my graduate, clever clogg friends. Continue reading “MY BESTIES GRADUATED”